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MICAH's Mission targets local polluters!
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Nakanishi to quit using hazardous chemical

CertainTeed: Athens area fiberglass manufacturer

News Stories about MICAH's Mission's efforts against CertainTeed's plans to increase pollution

Jill McElheney: EPD should require more filtration at CertainTeed /stories/031406/letters _20060314008.shtm

PLANT MAKES REQUEST TO INCREASE EMISSIONS (11/1/04) /stories/110104/new_20041101041 .shtml

Group wants hearing on company's request to release more pollutants (11/5/04) /stories/110504/new_20041105032 .shtml

Group Questions Officials on Impact of CertainTeed Expansion Proposal (1/6/05) /stories/010605/new_20050106047 .shtml

Protesters Raise a Stink Over Plant's Request - CertainTeed Corp. Emissions (4/6/05) /stories/040605/new_20050406055 .shtml

CertainTeed likely to get new permit, Many voice concerns (7/27/05) /stories/072705/new_20050727072 .shtml

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Colonial Pipeline: Regional gas pipeline

News on Colonial Pipeline: /2006/August/M0823D.html

August 24, 2006
EPD says plume shrinking
COPS leaders question findings, say more test wells needed
A geologist with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) says scientifically-valid data show that an underground petroleum contaminant plume just south of Danielsville is shrinking as Colonial Pipeline works to clean up its spills. Meanwhile, leaders of a local pipeline watchdog group contend that the EPD is too reliant on corporations policing themselves and that more test wells are needed to draw any true conclusions about the contaminant plume.

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