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EPD testing soil, water samples for contaminants

Article: "Payne vs. Payout of Burying Garbage"

Rachel's Democracy & Health News #885
"Environment, health, jobs and justice--Who gets to decide?"
Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another community in need- news from the Athens Banner-Herald :
Survey Finds No Adverse Effects from Station; Family Disagrees

MICAH's Mission founder Jill McElheney featured in the July issue of
T H E   N E T W O R K E R: The Newsletter of the Science and Environmental Health Network

July 2006 Volume 11 #4
Full July issue

A RESPONSE TO 'DOES GOD OPPOSE THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE?' /06/christian_principles_and _pp.060315.htm

Letter from Jill Mcelheney to EPA: Stalling on TCE Toxicity

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Paper: The Duck Brief

Paper: Childhood Cancers & Atmospheric Carcinogens (.pdf)

Search for Answers (12/30/01) /stories/123001/new_1230010072 .shtml

Expert notes local mother's cancer inquiry  (4/19/02) /stories/041902/hea_20020419038 .shtml

Athens Parents to Lobby in Washington (6/12/02) /stories/061102/hea_20020611029 .shtml

Speaker emphasizes prevention  (9/13/02) /stories/091302/hea_20020913021 .shtml

Hard to Home In On Trailer Woes (1/12/03) /stories/011203/new_20030112089 .shtml

For the children's sake, we must clean up the air around Athens (4/15/03) /stories/041503/let_20030415003 .shtml

Crisis Drives Group (5/1/03) /stories/050103/fea_20030501040 .shtml

' Health is the No. 1 Issue (2003) /docs/index.php?DocID=33

Letter:  Pollution is Taking a Toll on Our Environment and Our Bodies (5/8/03) /stories/050803/let_20030508024 .shtml

Fund Raid May Slow Cleanups (6/1/03) /stories/060103/new_20030601100 .shtml

It's Time Government Protected Us From Corporate Polluters (7/8/03) /stories/070803/let_20030708010 .shtml

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Toxins' Effects on Kids New Area of Study, Group Told  (5/5/04) /stories/050504/hea_20040505052 .shtml

EPA knew of danger, Mom says  (5/23/04) /stories/052304/new_20040523095 .shtml

Experts Say Convenience Turning Obesity into Epidemic (7/13/04)   
A children's environmental health seminar that MICAH's Mission hosted, organized, & facilitated /stories/071304/hea_20040713032 .shtml

Local Waste Sites Topic for Coalition (9/27/04) /stories/092704/new_20040927030 .shtml

Residents Told Cancer Rates May Be Normal (8/3/05)
Public meeting that Micah's Mission organized & facilitated /stories/080305/new_20050803041 .shtml

Input Sought on Pollution Output of Area Companies (6/21/05) /stories/062105/new_20050621045 .shtml

Health Board May Ask Plant to Stop Using Chemical (11/3/05) /stories/110305/news_2005110305 3.shtml

Officials:  Wells to Be Tested (1/14/06) /stories/011406/news_2006011402 7.shtml

Chemical Levels Near Plant No Health Risk, Tests Find (4/15/06) /stories/041506/news_2006041505 8.shtml

March Scheduled Outside Landfill (4/25/06) /stories/042506/news_2006042504 7.shtml

Progress Seen at Wastes Sites (7/30/06) /stories/073006/news_2006073009 1.shtml

Scientists: Pollutants Diminshed (8/21/06) /stories/082106/news_2006082102 8.shtml

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Below are general resources about environmental justice and pollution:

Children’s Behavior and Physiology and How It Affects Exposure to Environmental Contaminants (PDF)

Center for Health, Environment, and Justice [ ]

Federal Elections Commission Guide for Citizens []

CorpWatch [ ]

freepress [ ]

Georgia Environmental Protection Division (Dept. of Natural Resources)
[ ]

Hazardous Site Inventory
[ ]

Georgia 2000 Information System (UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government)
[ ]

Environmental Defense [ ]

Environmental Defense Scorecard [ ]

Columbia Journalism Review (Media Monitor) [ ]

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) [ ]

Trust for America's Health [ ]

Environmental Working Group [ ]

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